The chaos of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan continues to increase, and an obvious conclusion was that these actions and lack of leadership from top military brass and civilians would have catastrophic impacts on the veteran community.  And, of course, we cannot forget those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the twenty years we were in country, nor to neglect care for their kin.  However, the overwhelming response by veterans has been positive, willing to serve however possible, and that their efforts since 9/11/2011 were not in vain.

More than anything, those who executed their oath to ‘defend the Constitution against all enemies – foreign and domestic’ protected the nation from another terrorist attack on our soil for twenty years now.  Although costly in human capital and, less importantly, financial capital, taking the fight away from our shores is a top method to keep our soil safe.  Additionally, many veterans I have personally spoken with agree that their service fulfilled a role that needed filled – the military has to operate, by direction of the Constitution, and is now an all-volunteer force.  Although there are enticements to join the military, veterans unanimously felt an obligation to serve by some calling – patriotism, in response to the 9/11 murders of nearly 3,000 Americans, or other personal motivations.

Military life brings a uniquely challenging lifestyle, especially if the servicemember completes a 20+ year career, or has a family impacted by their service.  However, I have personally never found a veteran who would not ‘go back and do it all over again – the good and the bad.’  In fact, most vets would describe their time serving the country as some of the best days of their life.

The desertion of Americans and our allies, along with billions in classified technology to aid our enemy(s) [which, by the way, is verbiage from the Constitution’s definition of treason] is disgraceful.  However, we should all take pride in the resilience and conduct of the veteran community through a unique time no veteran – probably no citizen of this planet – anticipated.

This catastrophe has made me prouder to be a veteran; prouder of the veteran community, and you’re damn right, I’ll continue to support veterans in any way I can!   #staystrong.


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