July 5th falling on a Monday is the way I wish we could always experience our Independence Day!  It affords us a weekend to celebrate on the 4th, but many adults have today off work.  There, as Hamlet said, lies the rub! Just like our Founding Father experienced, we are waking up on July 5th with a new Independence we just declared yesterday.  But, the work  has   just   begun. You have your independence; you wake up every morning with freedom to pursue your life as you see fit.  Some of your goals will require incredible sacrifice and endurance, like the Fathers enduring the Revolutionary War.  Are you up for the challenge ahead? Use today’s date and asterisk 7/5/21 as a day you started pursuing your INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM.  Come 7/4/22, you’ll be grateful that you did! As for me, today I started the #75Hard program.  You’ll see periodic updates about my journey through Veterans In the Wild. Make sure you don’t miss anything by following us on social media, and subscribing to the podcast!      https:/linktr.ee/veteransinthewild

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