You’ve heard of the Navy SEALs.  You know of their reputation.  You’ve heard all about the intense BUD/S & Hell Week training that they must endure, and you’ve likely come to believe it’s the most grueling military training on earth.

Funny thing, though; if you ask someone who actually has earned a Trident, [the gold emblem Navy sailors wear to show that they’re a SEAL] like William Branum, (his Instagram linked) from Episode 008 of our show (linked) , he’ll tell you a different reality about BUD/S.  He’d also confirm that all the Hollywood movie scenes and what’s shown in the media to be the hardest military training E.V.E.R., – the Navy’s SEAL BUD/S course, get it wrong.

SEALs will assure you [I’ve personally heard from more than a handful] that the follow-on training [weapons training, battlefield tactics, and ultimately proving that you’re worthy to other SEALs for them to entrust you with their life] is far more difficult than the revered BUD/S.  Branum described it as a cake walk in our show together.  Yes, what SEAL candidates must endure after BUD/S is far worse than the portrayed torture of BUD/S that all non-SEALs are shown… by the main stream media.

Now, ask yourself if this simplistic example gives you any understanding or question of how the information you consume nearly always has some filter, bias or opinion behind it.  With the plethora of social media platforms available today, everyone with a smart phone can instantly become a news source – unfiltered, but available to be shared the world over.

Our reality today is that you cannot trust one single news source, and now the burden falls on the listener to verify the content being presented.  Just like everyone can be a news source, we also have a nearly infinite volume of knowledge available to us on that same brick we carry around.  With the thousands of events happening in our world every day, we all must now verify everything passing before our ears.


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