Imagine being present – IN THE ROOM – to witness a country author it's constitution.  Now, imagine becoming a Navy SEAL, then realizing that greater challenges still lay ahead.  Our guest, Navy SEAL Sniper William Branum, proudly served 26 years before moving into entrepreneurship and overtaking the CBD industry with the same precision and force you'd expect from our nation's elite fighting force.
William discusses the link between his CBD company, Naked Warrior Recovery, and the foundation of the SEAL Teams.  He'll surprise you with the schoolhouse demands of becoming a Sniper, and exactly who ordered him to become a SEAL!  His work as a Senior Chief materialized $60 MILLION in new technology opportunities for the SEALs, and had a direct impact on his business abilities now with NWR!  
This is definitely a show you'll want to listen to multiple times because it's a wealth of information and inspiration from a fellow veteran!   HOOYAH
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