E023 – Leadership Traits Learned by Missing my Upload Date

I made a mistake. Don’t we all? But, that can’t – and WON’T – be an excuse for me. I missed my typical upload day of every week on Tuesday morning. In missing my upload, I realized how I violated three important leadership topics, and I dive quickly into the importance of each in this […]

E022 – What Pearl Harbor Teaches Us About Leadership

80 years ago, on a peaceful Sunday morning, the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor, costing 2403 American lives, and launching the nation into World War II. While it is paramount to continue to remember that tragic, fateful day & the lives and families impacted then and throughout the war, those events offer a […]

E021 – A Noun, A Verb and a Lifestyle Walk Into a Bar! [Season 2 Introduction]

We’re shifting gears for season two! Presenting a different format, duration and approach for this season of the podcast. Our topic is so commonly tied to the military, it’s nearly synonymous: leadership. Anyone who has worn the uniform has personally experienced and executed leadership – both the good and the bad. So, there’s plenty of […]

E020 – Don’t Blink. [Big Announcements Included]

“The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.” ~ Earl Nightingale. I cannot believe how quickly twenty episodes have flown by. Join me today for some major announcements about the future direction of the show, and insights and reflection from Season One of Veterans […]

E019 – From Periscope Depth to Industry Maverick – Jon S Rennie

“Leadership is a people business” is the mantra of today’s guest, manufacturing expert and author Jon S Rennie. Jon accomplished his boyhood dream and loved his seven deployments and the unique leadership challenges of submarine duty during the #ColdWar. You’ll learn many first-hand experiences of submarine life, how to keep your business focused on what’s […]

E018 – She’s Katie Couric, But in Uniform. USMC and USN Vet – Amy Forsythe

You’ve seen pictures and videos from combat. Now, hear the first-hand experience of a Marine journalist who shared so many stories of servicemembers and their valor. Amy Forsythe completed five deployments, serving as a Public Affairs Officer for the Navy. She was deeply impacted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and is writing a SOON TO […]

E017 – Leadership is on LIFE SUPPORT!

In our homes, our communities, local and global businesses, and in so many people today; LEADERSHIP is LACKING. We examine its erosion, the fastest way to fix it, and some differentiators of proper leadership. **Connect with us and let us know – who is your favorite leader, and why?** If you’ve gained value from any […]

E015 – Reflecting with an Old Shipmate – Chief Russ Rauch

You’ve seen the videos of military missiles landing precisely on-target, although launched from hundreds of miles away.  Today’s guest, 24-year Navy veteran Russ Rauch, was the person responsible for getting those missiles ‘down range.’  We talk: deployments, the ancillary benefits of military service, family impacts, being a military teacher, and seeing the world.  Plenty of […]

Making Money in Your Sleep! Navy Vet, Gary MacDermid

Passive income is the dream everyone desires (admit it… you have, too!  I certainly have!).  Navy nuke turned civilian engineer left a lucrative career to pursue passive income as a career and LIFESTYLE.  You’ll learn invaluable tips and tricks you can immediately implement in this life-changing episode. ______________________________________________________________________ If you’ve gained value from any aspect […]