You already know why you SHOULD hire a veteran. He or she swore to lay their life on the line to maintain the freedoms Americans enjoy every day. It’s “a debt that can never be repaid.”

But, do you know why it’s also a great move for your business?  Veterans leave the military instilled with invaluable characteristics that can help your business excel.  As a veteran myself, I experienced first-hand the successful training that the military develops in its personnel; now, as a business owner, my job postings always state ‘veteran friendly;’ the sticker on the front door says, ‘veteran owned & operated.’

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Below are some of the invaluable skills veterans bring to your business:


A common military slogan trains new recruits, “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.”  Veterans will prove to be dependable and punctual employees, because its second nature to them already. This same dependability may be found in some, but not the majority of their civilian counterparts.       


The very first of the General Orders to all military personnel is to ‘take charge of this post and all government property in view.’ Service members are handed a large amount of responsibility, often at a very young age, and they quickly learn to succeed with that significant burden on their shoulders.  As civilians, they will excel when given responsibility and guidelines for work accomplishment.


At its core, the role of the U. S. military is to carry a war away from American soil, to our enemy’s homeland.  Execution of defending this nation is the military’s singular purpose, and this focus trickles down to each individual carrying his or her own weight in every mission’s accomplishment. Although the stakes are drastically different in the private sector, that same person still values the importance of getting the job done. As a business owner, you can release many levels of stress, knowing that the portion of your business given to a veteran will be handled to completion.


Whether it is the extreme dessert heat, the long work hours or the physical demands on a service member’s body, a lot is expected of those in uniform.  And failure is never an option.  They must learn to ‘improvise, adapt and overcome’ in the myriad of ever-changing situations that they face.  This endurance in the face of ambiguous challenges would benefit a civilian business of any size and any industry. Let the veteran adapt and overcome your challenges & needs!


A service member’s loyalty to his or her country is arguably without parallel.  Seldom do you elsewhere find a belief so ingrained and important that one is willing to die to continue a cause beyond their own lifetime.

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Match a veteran to civilian work that they find inspirational and their contribution to your business can be limitless.

Hire our veterans. We owe them this gratitude.  Plus!!  They’ll improve your business in profound ways!