I feel it’s unfortunate that military sacrifices (whether on active duty, or making the ultimate sacrifice) sometimes overshadow those made by our First Responders.  And, truthfully, that could be my own bias – as a veteran myself.  I have, however, long recognized that there is no difference in the bravery to face an enemy shooting bullets at you as there is to run, willingly, into a burning building which has no regard for your life; or to go to work daily, knowing that you may not come home, or come home with COVID.

And, as you already know, these occupations all serve the greater good without expectation, while still understanding the enormous price-tag they wager.  Why, then, is there such a gap between the armed forces and first responders?  Certainly, you’ve seen the American flags with the green, red and blue stripes signifying support for both groups; the commonality seems to end there, though.

The major difference I see is that the military deploys around the globe, and I can attest personally about the strong bonds formed during that time away.  Even compared to other servicemembers, the bond shared among vets who deployed together is stronger and greater than any other.  I’d wager, however, without personal experience, that – for example – EMTs that together saved a life, share a connection that goes with them to the grave.

I’d love feedback from first responder, and especially vets turned first responders.  I wish I could offer a better solution, but this is absolutely a topic I’m excited to explore further.


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